3rd International Symposium: Perioperative Care for Senior

Opening Lectures


Perioperative beta-blocker therapy in 2015: Where do we stand in 2015

Hans-Joachim Priebe


How and why to avoid chronic disease – the Cleveland Clinic experience

Michael Roizen

Preoperative Considerations


Age is not a contraindication for cardiac surgery

George Silvay


Perioperative evaluation for the senior cardiac patients

Minoru Nomura


Do we need to assess frailty to achieve best post-operative outcomes?

Eva Topinková


Radical cystectomy for bladder cancer in elderly

Marek Babjuk



Glycocalyx and anesthesia – any link?

Vladimír Černý


Ventriculo-arterial coupling in hemodynamic instability or in septic shock

Fabio Guarracino


Haemodynamics in cardiac surgery patients – impact of old age

Jacob Greisen


Perioperative myocardial infarction in the elderly

Giora Landesberg

Abdominal Surgery and Anesthesia


What‘s the optimal anaesthesia for seniors‘ abdominal cavity surgery?

Sergiy Vorotyntsev


Colorectal cancer in elderly patients – Czech experience in data

Jiří Hoch, Milan Bláha


How to prevent seniors‘ lung and cardiac complications after abdominal cavity surgery?

Sergiy Vorotyntsev


Surgical treatment of senior persons: Perspective from the regional hospital

Dušan Mach

Thoracic Surgery and Anesthesia


Surgical treatment of non-small cell lung cancer in octogenarians

Alan Stolz, Robert Lischke


Thoracic anesthesia for seniors

Dawn Desiderio


Robotic thoracic procedures in the elderly

Alessia Pedoto

Cardiac Surgery 1


Effect of anesthetic interventions on perioperative outcomes

David Reich


Mitral disease in seniors

Menachem Weiner


MitraClip -procedure for high risk (senior) patients

Jörg Ender


Aortic aneurysms in seniors

John Elefteriades

Cardiac Surgery 2


Heart transplantation in patients over age 60 – American view

Richard Daly


Heart transplantation in seniors – European view

Hynek Říha


TAVI, open AVR or medical management in elderly severe aortic valve disease

Davy Cheng


Anesthetic considerations for TAVI

Menachem Weiner



General anesthesia for the elderly patient: Is how I give the drug more important than what drug I give

Rich Beers


Monitoring and optimizing intravascular volume

Andrew Goldberg


Muscle relaxation in seniors

Milan Adamus


Specific problems of preoperative preparation and postoperative care in „frailty“ patients

Zdeněk Zadák

Ethical Problems


Assessment of capacity to consent to treatment in the elderly patients

Concezione Tommasino


The late practitioner

Michael Duffy


Negotiation with seniors: paternalism or partnership?

Marek Vácha


Is POCD in seniors preventable?

Roman Záhorec

Perioperative Medicine


Management of geriatric patient with coronary stents for noncardiac surgery

Zdravka Zafirova


Management of perioperative atrial fibrillation – the elderly are high risk for this complication

Jacob Gutsche


Acute kidney injury in the elderly

Ilona Bobek


Metabolic disturbances in perioperative period – role of energy, water and minerals

Zdeněk Zadák

Organisation and Logistics


Perioperative senior care quality and cost improvement strategies

Maria Galati


A national program for fi nancing anesthesia and intensive care services – a succsesful Romanian experience

Dorel Sandesc


Should the elderly patient recover in the ICU?

Jacob Gutsche


Unintentional hypothermia and the maintenance of perioperative normothermia in seniors

Ian Sampson

Orthopedics and Trauma


Is ERAS concept age limited?

Tomáš Vymazal


Perioperative care in elderly hip fracture patients; importance of implant stability for early rehabilitation

Jan Heřt


Anesthesia for hip replacement surgery in seniors

James Eisenkraft


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